Teach Me, O Lord

Words:  Davide C. Marney, 2008. From Psalm 119:33-40, The Psalter, 1912 ed.

Music:  Davide C. Marney, 2008. Violin arrangement, Christy Wolfe, 2012

Sheet Music:

Theme:Preparation, Sending



Teach me O Lord, thy way of truth,
And from it I will not depart;
That I may steadfastly obey,
Give me an under standing heart.

Open my heart, Lord; Teach me your way.
Aleluia, Amen, Amen.

In thy commandments make me walk,
For in thy law my joy shall be;
Give me a heart that loves thy will,
From discontent and envy free.

Turn thou my eyes from vanity,
And cause me in thy ways to tread;
O let thy servant prove thy Word,
And thus to godly fear be led.


Turn thou away reproach and fear;
Thy righteous judgments I confess;
To know thy precepts I desire;
Revive me in thy righteousness.