Lord, In Humility I Stand

Words:  Thomas Raffles, 1831. Alt. David Coffin, Jr. and Paul Wolfe, 2008

Music:  Davide C. Marney, 2008

Sheet Music:

Theme:Confession and Assurance



Lord, in humility I stand,
And lift my heart to thee;
Thy pardn'ing grace, O God, command,
Be merciful to me.

Thy way of holiness 'tis best
But I've not hallowed thee.
Now is my soul by sin distressed
Be merciful to me.

My guilt, my shame, I all confess;
I have no hope nor plea
But Jesus' blood and righteousness;
Be merciful to me.

Here at thy cross I now take my stand
Nor from its shelter flee,
Till thou, O God, at my right hand
Art merciful to me.