As Pants the Hart

Words:  Based on Psalm 42. Verses 1,5 Tate and Brady's New Version, 1696. Verses 2-4 Kathy Kuhl, 2005. Alt. Davide Marney, 2005

Music:  Davide C. Marney, 2005

Sheet Music:

Theme:Call to Worship, Praise



As pants the hart for cooling streams
when heated in the chase,
So longs my soul, O God, for thee,
and thy refreshing grace.
For thee, my God, O Lord,
my thirsty soul does pine;
O when shall I behold thy face,
thou Majesty divine!

My tears have fed me day and night,
while others always say,
"Where is thy God?" But I recall
the crowd along the way.
To God's house with glad shouts,
I led the festive throng.
So hope in God, His saving help
I'll praise with joyful song.

With roaring of thy cataracts,
the deep calls unto deep.
Thy billows all pass over me,
thy waves upon me sweep.
By day, Lord you command
your everlasting love. A
t night your song is in my heart,
in prayer to you above.

I say to God, "Why do I mourn
when enemies oppress?
Oh, why have you forgotten me?
My soul is in distress."
As with a deadly wound,
my enemies taunt me.
They mock and say, "Where is thy God?",
but I will hope in thee.

Why restless, why cast down, my soul?
Trust God and he'll employ
His aid for thee and change
these sighs to thankful hymns of joy.
Why restless, why cast down?
Hope still and you shall sing
The praise of him who is thy God,
thy health's eternal spring.

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